I feel like an involuntary member of a suicide cult

This post will be a bit unusual. First, it will be in English instead of Swedish, and second, it will contain some arguments based mostly on emotions, something I tend to avoid writing. If you have a strong dislike for such argumentation, please read no further.

I have seriously wondered if I might be going crazy. I still haven’t written off that possibility. But I believe I am one, with just a handful of equals, who is still sane, and the vast majority of the rest of Sweden, Europe and the world are going crazy, acting like lemmings in some kind of mass-psychosis, controlled towards the precipice by the ruling class and their mouthpiece as well as controller, mass media, and I’m being dragged along, trying to cling to the ground.

It has plenty of facets, but I will use the following example because it’s the one I fear the most – I literally get feelings of panic when I think about it – and it’s the one that almost no one else seem to think bad of at all.

Criminality in Sweden is rising quickly – murder, attempted murder, rape, robbery, and other severe crimes take place very frequently. There is some reporting of a serious crime at least once a week. The general feeling of security has plummeted, and it is one of the top discussion points in the build-up to the elections in September this year.

The ”solution” that the Police, the politicians, and especially the mass media is pushing for, is more camera surveillance. In many of the suggestions and propaganda texts, ”smart” surveillance is touted as the solution to all problems. Camera systems that are all interlinked and connected to the Police’s and/or security companies’ centers, complete with facial- and pattern recognition, being able to track people wherever they go.

People love this! Pretty much everyone ranges from ”That’s great!” to ”Well, if it gets rid of all that crime, it’s OK.”.

This makes me completely disheartened. Such cameras makes my feeling of security go away completely, much more than criminality can. I’d feel about as safe watched by such cameras as if I had a loaded gun pointed at my face. The possible negative consequences of the latter are (maybe -link to post in Swedish) more severe, but the possible negative consequences of the former are virtually infinitely more likely to actually occur.

And soon they are everywhere. Such systems already exist, and there is no way of telling which cameras are connected and not. The systems will only become cheaper, more advanced, and more common. It will be impossible to even get food without being identified, the data pooled, analyzed, scrutinized, registered, stored forever, distributed to who-knows-where, ready to leak into the open Web at any time. Data containing vastly much more information than almost anyone thought was possible to glean from video data.

While I have seen this coming for some 5-10 years, it is still more awful than my worst nightmare ever, and it is rapidly becoming true. And no one I know AFK and almost no one I know online is taking it seriously.


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