My reply to a stupid blog post

I ran across this blog post today:

It had such stupid arguments, I had to answer in a comment. When I tried to post it, it went error 404, so I’ll post it here instead.


You don’t know what you are talking about.

1: You are definitely doing something wrong. There are so many laws that there is noone at all that can know all of them, much less follow them. That goes here in Sweden, but even more so in the USA. Also, even if you weren’t, there are things that you want to keep secret anyway. Or, maybe you want to tell me your SSN and other interesting stuff… There is no such thing as a leak-proof register.

2: The NSA’s mass surveillance has not helped to reduce crimes by ”hundreds”. Read any serious report that isn’t biased towards the NSA, and you will see that it is very low.
And, more importantly, the surveillance can be used in crime, such as genocide. When Hitler invaded the Netherlands, he had much use of the collected data of the religion of the citizens. Data that was intended for example to plan the distribution of synagogues and different churches. Less than 10 % of the Jews survived.

3: Cameras were the end of a little certainty of privacy. Video cameras a little more, smartphone cameras a lot more, and Google Glass will be the end of most of privacy if it gets widespread.

Cameras, video cameras and mostly smartphone cameras have been used in countless instances of privacy violations. The only reasons the old complaining has stopped is that there has been a new, worse technology to complain about, and that cameras have many legit uses too.

4: That most people don’t object isn’t the same as that they wouldn’t like it better if there wasn’t said surveillance. Also it doesn’t mean that there aren’t millions of people who refuses to use GMail for that very reason. Neither does it mean that the people using it isn’t affected by self-censorship due to the surveillance. Then most people doesn’t know the full extent of it either.

5: No, you are partially right here, but they can complain on the information that they don’t share, or on other people’s behalf. The key is consent.

Let me ask you: What security service or advertisement buereau do you work for?



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