Short letter to Russia: I apologise for the way our government acts.

This is a short, open letter to Russia, and especially to Russian civilians.

Edward Snowden has revealed that the Swedish eavesdropping agency FRA is a key supplier of espionage on Russia, to the USA.

This has not been open to the public, something that our democratically elected politicians has kept behind our backs.

I don’t know how much of the Swedish population I speak on behalf of, but I hope it is a majority, when I say: I am ashamed of how they have acted. It is a terrible, evil act that has been committed, especially against the civilians affected. It is completely unacceptable.

My personal opinion is that the responsible should not be re-elected, and should even be put before a court. This will never happen, though, and that makes me ashamed of being a Swede. We as a people can’t even elect politicians that respect basic freedoms, and not because we aren’t allowed to – only because we are too stupid.

I can only imagine how all this surveillance feels for you who are familiar with what happened in the CCCP/USSR.

The media in Sweden is mostly going bananas about your government, and especially it’s anti-gay campaign, probably in order to quiet down all the eavesdropping scandals. I know, now from personal experience, that a country’s government’s will is not necessarily it’s people’s will, democracy or not.

I don’t know much about politics in Russia, but I am positively certain that the vast majority of Russians, like most countries peoples, are good people that does not in any way deserve to be monitored like prisoners.

So definitely on behalf of many Swedes, hopefully on behalf of a majority: Sorry. I am ashamed of our government.


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